French Lawyer
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When you leave school, you will need to be able to look critically at the job market, assess opportunities and make well-informed choices.


Career knowledge is the part of education that gives you these skills, arming you with knowledge about work and about future study and training routes. 

We would love to give you access to a variety of careers, suitable for a range of students. We appreciate that amongst the school study body, we will have future vets, doctors, dancers, singers, psychologists, sports women/men, lawyers and astro-physicists. 


Click on the calendar here to see what careers events are happening outside of the BartsXtra site. 

Look out for the CAREER activities on the BARTS XTRA calendar. These sessions may take the form of:

  • Links to existing online CAREER resources

  • Pre-recorded CAREER talks

  • Live CAREER discussions with someone from a specific sector