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Have you ever wanted to know how astronauts eat in space? Or wanted to write your own story? Would you like to understand how a film is made from the start to the end? Have you ever wanted to learn sign language, or understand more about the ocean? 


There are millions of online courses available, no doubt something for everyone. We aim to provide you with links to some interesting, FREE online courses that you could obviously use in the future on a CV, but also purely for fun and relaxation. 

We will provide a link to a FREE online course which will take place on a number of weeks. All you need to do is sign up for the course online and let us know how you got on at the end! Voila - something new to add to the wonderful person that you already are. 

Look out for the ONLINE COURSES activities on the BARTS XTRA calendar every week. Maybe communicate with your friends and get them to join too.