Movie Theatre
Watching a Movie
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Everyone loves the theatre! Matilda, Harry Potter, Romeo and Juliet: the list is endless. The UK has some incredible theatres and over the years there have been millions of memorable performances.


But, like the cinemas, the theatres are currently closed. Well, that is, physically. There are lots and lots of amazing theatre productions that have been released online to try to bring the talent to the screen in some way.

Whilst we can't arrange that theatre trip for you at the moment, we can invite you to watch a production online. Liaise with your friends to watch at the same time. Bartholomew students will get to go to the theatre - BUT online at the moment! 

Look out for the THEATRE activities on the BARTS XTRA calendar. Look out for the weekly links to THEATRE performances. Don't forget to buy your popcorn and ice cream.....